About Asheville Web Hosting

You Control Your Web Hosting

Quite simply, you are the boss, you are in full control. Your domain is your domain, your content is your content, you decide who gets email and who doesn’t. We believe in the free and unobstructed use of the Internet. What we provide are the tools and a safe and stable place for your website to live and a way for people to access it. Other than that, you are the boss.

You have full control panel access! You can use any or all our offered features. As an example, we have several clients who don’t have sites but registered a domain and have their own private email. We also have several family and genealogy sites that clients have created for themselves. The list of ideas is bounded only by your imagination and hey, for $10 bucks a month and no contract, how can you go wrong.

The bottom line is to allow you to do everything without much assistance and that is how we keep cost down. Of course, we are here if you need us, but we are designed pretty much as a Do – It – Yourself web hosting portal to the World Wide Web.

Of course, we are always there if you should need help with technical issues. The fastest way to reach us is through the handy support ticket.