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Web Hosting and Personal Service!

We are a feature rich hosting solution perfect for both businesses or individuals looking for a solid and stable website hosting platform.

We are not a large “global” web host. We are not trying to build an empire on hosting. We are a small “niche” host and offer hosting for sites we build and service and … to those who still expect personal service. If you need something done or added your account, all you must do is give us a shout. That is very important to us, personal service. That is what sets us above the others, we offer the features and the service! We have been hosting websites for over 20 years. We are in Asheville NC and web hosting is what we do.

One All Inclusive Web Hosting Package!

Other discount web hosting services lure you in with a low monthly fee. Then they charge you for everything else you need to make your site work. Before you know it, you are paying way more than the straight $10.00/mo. that we charge. We include your own email server (yourname@yourdomain) and everything runs on secure and up-to-date Linux servers with the latest security.

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Asheille NC web hosting

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